New things to come!

We are pretty excited here at Pit Board Racing. This has been a busy second year for us. We have learned so much since we started and it can only get better. We have won, we have failed but we have never given up.

lacombe t shirt 300x300

First we need to thank all the teams and riders that have supported us during those two years. It has not been easy but we have tried to make it right by everyone. We know where we have failed you and we can promess you that we will correct those flaws and become the company that you deserve.

Here is a small list of areas where we have made changes to serve you better,

  • Delivery time
  • BMX Pants
  • Sizing issues
  • Colour management
  • Design
  • Flexibility
  • Motocross gear
  • Apparel

One area where we have not change a thing is quality. You can expect your gear to be top notcch at all times, we guarantee it.

In the pass few months we have started rolling out our own brand of clothing; Lacombe Sportwear, Lacombe Racing Gear, and Lacombe Apparel. They are all related but regroup different product lines that serve three different customer base. While Pit Board Racing remains focused on Team Corporate images and custom design gear and apparel, you now have the option to purchase our standard line of racing products.

We also had to stop taking in orders for custom jersey on a per unit basis. We know it was a service that was appreciated by the track and team managers but it became hard to manage and we had some major delivery issues caused by that service. We will revert to team orders and minimum quantity orders for our custom design gear. We have brough in new equipment that will enable us to create custom id kits that we will be able to apply to already made gear and sportwear. This should make us more flexible and decrease our delivery time on mid season orders.

bmx pants 3

New BMX Pants!

We will be rolling out a brand new design for our BMX pants very shorthly. More adjusted, better adjustment at the waist, better breathing quality, lighter, and still as durable as what you have come to expect from our gear. Oh, we almost forgot... we will keep them in stock for quick delivery. We have decided to create a generic style that will suit most custom design so you can have your riders dress the same while still being flexible with delivery and cost.

We also understand that we are not the only company making custom jerseys. You may have multiple reasons why you decide to get your custom jerseys from a different supplier and we respect that. We decided to take our customer service one step further. Our gear colour palettes will be made available on our site where designers and custom gear suppliers can get our exact colour codes to match our generic gear. You will also be able to order a colour swatch to take home and match colour side by side with your current design. Of course, custom design for complete kits is still available for teams. Minimum order quantities will apply.

Your doubts don't affect the outcome of my dreams!

You can't beat someone that does not give up!

This is what we believe in. We started this company out of a silly dream. The dream that we could be more, that we could make our place under the sun. We understand that self-esteem is the starting point to become the athlete you want to be. With over 14 years of military service behind us, we can appreciate challenges. Follow our hashtags to learn more about our self-esteem training program.


Be yourself and never apologize for it. Don't ever let anyone dictate how you should be.


Challenges will find you wherever you are, don't break. Stay strong and resolute in the face of adversity


Stand tall and proud. Be ready to do what it takes to achieve your dreams.